Energy is never lost, only transferred to another form of energy - Albert Einstein


Aura Paranormal Investigations

St. Petersburg, Florida

Welcome Friends, Paranormal Investigators &

Researchers, Believers & Skeptics, & Students of the Universe! 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by to see what AURA is all about.  We are really proud of what we have accomplished as individuals and as a team, on our journey to better understand our Universe.
OUR MISSION: We Strive to unveil, research and document paranormal events, including Spirits & Hauntings, UFO's & Abductions, and Bigfoot & Other Mysterious Creatures, in a serious and professional manner.


OUR APPROACH: To scientifically eliminate all possible explanations of these events through research and investigation.  We believe that 95% of activity can be explained, whether it be man-made or natural occurances.  


OUR TEAM:  We are a dedicated and serious group of researchers and investigators who all bring different skills to the table to form a team with decades of experience investigating paranormal events.


OUR VISION:  Through our research, we hope to learn more about ourselves, the world around us, and what may lie ahead of us by contributing documentation to help explain the unexplained.